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The Bonneville Fly Fishers meet every third Wednesday of each month at Club Habits, 832 East 3900 South, Salt Lake City 84107.

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    • Hello, Leonard and thank you for the question. For the foreseeable future the location on W. Bugatti Ave. in SLC is the established location for the monthly group meetings. At the current time it seems to be a convenient location for members who attend. If you have a suggestion for an alternate site we would love to hear it!

  1. Would anyone have any information on the fishing “platform” that Jim used on the Pyramid Lake outing in March 2014?


    Rich Mercer

    • Hi, Richard. The platform was custom built by my brother who lives in Sparks, NV. It is modeled after platforms that are offered for sale at Crosby Lodge. You can view the platforms offered at Crosby at‎. The platforms are much more comfortable than standing on a ladder for hours. Contact me, “Jim” at if you would be interested in having one built for you – much less expensive than the platforms avaialable from Crosby.

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