TU Single Fly Event – 2011

Two members of the Bonneville Fly Fishers (Bobby Lang and Wylie Thomas) were volunteer guides for the TU event. The event is to raise funds and awareness for the battle against Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) and other threats to the Green River such as the Million Pipeline.

This year there were 14 4-man teams. Each team was assigned 2 guides by a random drawing. It just so happened that Team Hyde drew both Bobby Lang and Wylie Thomas as their guides. Each team has 2 anglers on the A section and 2 anglers on the B section. Team Hyde made it a great father and sons outing by having Bobby take LaMoyne (founder of Hyde) and Matt Hyde down the A section and Wylie take Jim (CEO of Hyde) and Josh Kunz down the B section.

For all of the teams except one, the B section was a tough day and hard to get numbers going, while the A section brought in the bulk of the points for most of the teams. Team Hyde finished in the middle with 117 points. The winning team was the Stonefly Society with a whopping 201 points. And Lance Egan won the most fish award with 43 fish landed.

After the event Bobby and Wylie deservedly, took some time to do some fishing of their own. Bobby landed a 21-22 inch slab.

Can anyone guess where this is at?

Summer Club Fishout on the Green

We left early friday morning eastbound on I-80. A short stop in Summit to pick up Rob, then a short stop in Evanston for breakfast. Mike and I listened to Jim Gaffigan talk about bacon and how a lot of Kevin Bacons success is directly tied to his name. Then he talks about how his family never took him camping because they loved him. He is what he calls “indoorsy”. If you havent heard it you need to look him up on the YouTube or the iTunes.

We made one last short stop in Mountain View WY. for the traditional stop at Rob’s Chicken Shack. Or most people know it as the local grocery store. But we always stop there for a bag of fried chicken to keep us alive for 2 or 3 days on the river.

We got to the Firefighters Memorial campground around noon and set up camp. Then we finally got to Little Hole by 1… Time to fish.

I have never seen the river at 4500 cfs before. And apparently the day before we got there it was at 8500 cfs. It was the first day in months that the path hasnt been in chest deep water. My first thought was “We’re the first wadders in months… this is awesome!”

First we headed down stream. Fishing what pockets were available. Yellow Sallies were everywhere! Up my nose, down my shirt, in my ear… everywhere. The fish that were feed were easy to spot but not as easy to catch. We got several on that lower stretch. Some on Sallies, But the Goldilox Bugger (my go to green fly) was doing well.

We made our way upstream to Coney Island and set up there. Jim got into a nice seam on the river that was packed with fish. The rest of that area upstream was moving just a little to fast to fish effectively.

On the way back to the trucks we met up with Rich and Mary. Then we headed to the lodge for some world famous Gorge Burgers.

That night Mary poped popcorn on the fire and we made plans for the next day.

After a hearty breakfast at the lodge we made it back to Little Hole. Jim and Rich headed up stream. Mike, Rob and I headed across the 4500 cfs river… in his pontoon boat. We took it in turns shuttling back and forth. It was well worth the effort. We had the whole river to ourselves and the fishing was good. A nice surprise was that there was a new channel or braid of the river that I have never seen before. And yes, it fished! It was alot of fun to fish a part of the Green I have never fished… and may never fish again.

Just after lunch our day almost took an interesting turn. Alot of the rafters started coming into Little Hole. One raft with a Mom and 2 small girls in it missed the first ramp and the mom fell out on the way around the jetty to the second ramp, leaving the 2 little girls in the raft alone. It seemed the entire area mobilized to catch that raft. Luckily a guide in a drift boat was able to catch up to the raft and nudge it to shore just above the 3rd ramp.

The rest of the day fished well. Off and on. Some on dries and some deep.

It was a great trip. Out best club fishout so far. Can’t wait to see what we do next!