Congressional terms limits

Debate Term limits for legislators - Debatepedia Later, in April of 2011 amid a wave of Tea Party anti-government and anti-spending sentiments across the country, Senator Jim De Mint introduced term-limit legislation in Congress. Background and context Term limits for legislators has been a hot issue in the United States for a number of decades now. "Homesteading" in Congress, made possible by reelection rates that approached 100% by the end of the 20th century, brought about a popular insurgency known as the "term-limits movement".

Texas' 6th Congressional District election March 6, He justified the legislation saying, “We need true citizen legislators who spend their time defending the constitution, not currying favor with lobbyists. Former Tarrant County Tax Assessor Ronald Wright defeated former Navy pilot Jake Ellzey in the runoff for Joe Barton's R congressional seat. Wright and Ellzey were the top two vote-getters in the Republican primary election for Texas' 6th Congressional District. Since no candidate received more than 50 percent of the vote, a runoff election

Several in Indiana District 6 support Congressional term limits The elections of 1990-94 saw the adoption of term limits for state legislatures in almost every state where citizens had the power of the initiative. In the elections of 1994, part of the Republican platform was to pass legislation setting term limits in Congress. Washington D. C. — U. S. Term Limits USTL, the leader in the national movement to limit terms for elected officials, today praised Indiana U. S. House CD-6 candidate, Stephen MacKenzie, for signing its congressional term limits pledge.

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