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Case Studies International Forum of Sovereign Wealth Funds In the global strategy to improve the overall quality of water resources, local actions often present the starting point the most fruitful efforts. The International Forum of Sovereign Wealth Funds presents 15 Case Studies on how our members observe the Santiago Principles in practice. We hope that.

Case Studies on Corporations and Global Health Governance. The WWAP case studies aim to provide a snapshot of those efforts while showing the significance of the decisions taken at local, sub-national and national levels. A collection of case studies providing interdisciplinary empirical analysis of the impact of corporations on global health and global health governance across a.

Case Studies - Dimagi Malcolm Mabo wanted to use his surname for a new clothing business. His father, Eddie 'Koiki' Mabo, led the landmark High Court case for native title in Australia. Dimagi technologies have grown directly out of field work. Read our case studies to learn more about how mobile tools can be used across regions and sectors.

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