Science fair project lava lamp hypothesis

Crazy Cool Walking Water Science Experiment for Kids. You can refresh the lamp by carefully pouring the oil into another bottle, disposing of the used water down the drain, and following the steps again with fresh tap water and food coloring. Thought this was an awesome experiment for my 6 year old to do for a science fair project. Only problem we seem to be running into is that we have had it sitting for days now and the jars are not equal in the amount of water yet.

Make Your Own "Lava Lamp" Science Experiment Most volcano science projects consist solely of volcano models in which eruptions can be demonstrated. This lava lamp science experiment provides the "WOW" factor for kids and is really soothing to watch! Grab a few household supplies and get started!

A science project ? homemade lava lamp? Yahoo Answers Do not leave the cap on the bottle when it is bubbling – dangerous pressures will build up! - This experiment recreates the lava lamp effect without using heat, by using Alka-Seltzer tablets to make bubbles in the water layer. Apr 11, 2009 · Start with a title slide, which will have a title like, "Science Project Homemade Lava Lamp" or something like that, with a subtitle "Presented by YOUR NAME." Then for each subsequent slide, give the main idea as the title, then list the points. Whats a good science fair project

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