Essay on 2010 commonwealth games

Commonwealth Games 2010 costs ballooned to over bn. To some extent this harks back to the days of the precursor 1911 Inter Empire Games, which consisted of four sports (athletics, swimming, boxing and wrestling) and nine events. The costs of staging the flawed 2010 Delhi Commonwealth Games ballooned out of control to US.1 billion, most of which was paid for by the Indian taxpayer, a government audit has uncovered.

Benefits of Commonwealth Games - The same sports plus rowing were competed for in 1930, when the first official event was renamed the British Empire Games (and held in Hamilton, Canada – after several more name changes, it became the Commonwealth Games in 1978). Mar 20, 2009 · Construction of the Commonwealth Games Village is on right now and it promises of making the houses available as cheap housing for residents after the Games are over.

The Commonwealth Games A Look at the Problems - Photo Essays First is the fact that the games’ popularity has waned, meaning that the case for change has grown stronger, particularly towards sports that will convert into TV rights in a good number of countries. The Commonwealth Games A Look at the Problems. New Delhi has been plagued by delays and mishaps on its way to the 2010 opening ceremony. Claiming that the venues and athletes' village are not ready, many athletes have begun to withdraw

The Commonwealth of Nations - ThoughtCo Second is that the balance of power between countries has been shifting, tilting towards those in Asia in particular, which had not even hosted a games until Kuala Lumpur in 1998 (and Africa still has not). The Commonwealth of Nations, often called just the Commonwealth, is an association of 53 independent nations, all but one of which are former British colonies or related dependencies. Although the British empire is mostly no more, these nations grouped together to use their history to promote peace, democracy and development.

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