Animal research saves lives

Ways scientists are saving lives without testing on animals Metro. The procedure, made possible through research involving non-human primates, is used to treat Parkinson's patients experiencing only limited benefits from medication alone. May 31, 2018. Animals are thinking, feeling beings – not test tubes with tails. Yet in 2016, they were used in nearly 4 million 'scientific procedures' in the UK.

New sniffer dog research could save lives - Deep brain stimulation also is used to treat essential tremor, a common neurological movement disorder. New sniffer dog research could save lives December 13. The research reveals how the animals process odour information and is likely to have a profound impact on how we train sniffer dogs.

How Horseshoe Crab Blood Saves Millions Of Lives As research continues, specifying the nature of these interactions holds promise for discovering genes that cause schizophrenia and developing treatments to counteract it. Humans haven’t been around nearly as long, but we learn fast, including how to harness those properties in ways that save our lives, but aren’t so great for the crabs. The most obviously unusual aspect of crab blood is that it is bright blue, a consequence of using copper-based hemocyanin to transport oxygen where vertebrates use iron in hemoglobin.

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