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Destination Lebanon - Cultural Tourism Among the Asians of Chinese origin, many are the children of restaurant workers and other working-class immigrants. A BLOSSOMING OF ARTS AND CRAFTS Lebanon is a small country that has successfully preserved its ties and roots. It would be too lengthy and rather beside

Lebanon – Best of History Web Sites Merely stating the fact that certain groups do better than others — as measured by income, test scores and so on — is enough to provoke a firestorm in America today, and even charges of racism. The Lebanese Global Information Center has extensive information on the country of Lebanon and on the population of Lebanese Americans. The History section provides an excellent, article length background on the countries history and the section on the Phoenicians is particularly good.

Traditional Lebanese Food and drink The irony is that the facts actually debunk racial stereotypes. Lebanese food combines the sophistication of European cuisine with the excitement of eastern spices, and it is Lebanon's culinary contributions that have been the greatest influence on modern Arabic cuisine. Dishes from the Lebanon provide the framework

What Does "cultural Identity" Mean? There are some black and Hispanic groups in America that far outperform some white and Asian groups. Quick Answer "Cultural identity" refers to being able to associate with and feel like part of a group based on its culture. While culture often refers to heritage or race, cultural identity can be found in social classes, locality, generation or other types of groups as well.

Destination Lebanon - Cultural Tourism
Lebanon – Best of History Web Sites
Traditional Lebanese Food and drink
What Does
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Culture and religious beliefs in relation to reproductive.
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Death and Dying in the Islamic Culture -
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