The 2018 Pyramid Lake Fish outing

The 2018 Pyramid Lake Fish outing is now in the books. In over 2 & ½ days of fishing our group of 6 netted over 30 fish .

The Crew included Cacy, Dan, Mac, John, Mark and Tom.


Three fish were caught that measured over 25”  and the largest over 26”. Some personal best were reached.


Thursday was a hot day, but we were not on the water at Popcorn beach until 4:30pm. A few fish were landed and just as many missed by our early group of 4. From all accounts everyone on the lake did well. That evening we made contact with one of the local guides and received some great advice. Stay with Chironomid. Red bodies and silver or gold beads. Streamers and beetles would not work as well. We also had to contend with vegetation from the previous beach line that extended about 30 to 40 feet out.


lake is up, If you know the large Tractor tire on the South nets. It is under water. But the Hummer is still visible.


That evening we hit Crosby’s fly shop and purchased what we could. One of the flies was a maroon Chironomid with Copper wire and a Red Bead. Size 10.


Friday the Wind was from the South East and we set up on the point at Pelican. We netted 5 fish and missed even more. It was slow and calm most of the day. We did as well as the guide who had his clients on the Rocks south of Pelican.


Saturday we tried Sand Hole early but nothing so we headed back to Pelican at the point. The wind was perfect, coming in and working the shore from the east. The fish were in tight and biting in about 8’ of water.  All totaled the 6 of us  brought 19 fish to net with many more lost.  Most caught on the Red Beaded Chironomid. Mac even had a double.


Sunday we were out early due to daylight savings. Who knew!  So before daybreak Mark and I were on the water. The fish were at our feet and as soon as we had daybreak we had fish on. 4 Fish to net in 30 minutes and with the sun the fish were out,  and out of reach.


Ready to go again.




March Club Meeting

Don’t forget our next meeting is Wednesday, March 21st. Social hour from 6-7:00 pm, meeting starts at 7 pm. Our special guest this month is Dan Potts. He has presentation on Fly Tying and Fishing the Search Fly that you’ll want to see. We also have some great raffle items this month including a hand crafted fly fishing net, A reel and fly line, and a Fishpond vest. Don’t forget to bring your 3 flies to include in the raffle. As always we meet at the Red Robbin in Murray.
Private meeting room:
MURRAY, UT 84107