August Club Meeting

We will meet at Habits this Wednesday, Aug 19, 2015. Social gathering from 6:30pm where beverages and appetizers are available for purchase and club members, newcomers and non-members can meet and socialize. Dinner menu available if desired.

Meeting starts at 7:00 pm sharp!

832 East 3900 South
Salt Lake City UT 84107

Our guest speaker will be Rex Huang.

Rex is one of our members.

Rex’s program will be “Night Fly Fishing with Night Vision Goggles”

Rex is the inventor of the Rexfly Casting System and has been fly fishing for over 30 years. He taught himself how to fly cast at the age of 12 with an Abu Garcia 7 weight rod he obtained at the original Angler’s Inn location.

As a former Marine and Gulf War Veteran, Rex became well acquainted with night operations using night vision goggles. He knew how well they would work for dry fly fishing at night. He regularly fly fishes at night in Utah, Montana and Oregon.

If you haven’t seen the Rexfly Casting System, check out the videos at It is currently used by members of the USA, Norway and England fly fishing teams, as well as FFF casting instructors around the country. It is also used by Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing, enabling one-armed veterans to fly fish.

Please join Rex and the rest of the Bonneville Fly Fishers for something completely different.

If you have any questions please contact Rich Lobrovich at 801-910-6600, or

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