TU Single Fly Event – 2011

Two members of the Bonneville Fly Fishers (Bobby Lang and Wylie Thomas) were volunteer guides for the TU event. The event is to raise funds and awareness for the battle against Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) and other threats to the Green River such as the Million Pipeline.

This year there were 14 4-man teams. Each team was assigned 2 guides by a random drawing. It just so happened that Team Hyde drew both Bobby Lang and Wylie Thomas as their guides. Each team has 2 anglers on the A section and 2 anglers on the B section. Team Hyde made it a great father and sons outing by having Bobby take LaMoyne (founder of Hyde) and Matt Hyde down the A section and Wylie take Jim (CEO of Hyde) and Josh Kunz down the B section.

For all of the teams except one, the B section was a tough day and hard to get numbers going, while the A section brought in the bulk of the points for most of the teams. Team Hyde finished in the middle with 117 points. The winning team was the Stonefly Society with a whopping 201 points. And Lance Egan won the most fish award with 43 fish landed.

After the event Bobby and Wylie deservedly, took some time to do some fishing of their own. Bobby landed a 21-22 inch slab.

Can anyone guess where this is at?

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